Westwood Cemetery Database

This database contains basic information about every grave and monument in Westwood Cemetery, as well as photographs of monuments. Much of the information was derived from records provided by the City of Oberlin, which owns and operates the cemetery.

Searching the Database
Enter search terms in the box to the left, or use the Advanced Search option to search by lot, section, exact last name, or other factors. Please note that the basic search feature cannot distinguish words less than four letters, so for names like Cox and Roe, you will want to use the Advanced Search. The names "Little" and "Hall" are also difficult to search because of the search engine parameters. Please use the Advanced Search feature or contact OHC for assistance.

New "Find it" Feature
If you are using the new "Find it on Google Maps" feature in a grave record, please keep the following in mind: 1) You may have to give your phone or device permission to use your location or turn on Location Services. 2) As you walk the blue dot (you) toward the red pin for the grave, watch your step! 3) The blue dot sometimes freezes – just walk around a bit to wake it up. 4) Changing to a satellite view of the map might help you find your way. 3) The dot should get you within about 10 feet of the marker and you may want to zoom in for better accuracy. If exact burial locations are needed, please contact the City of Oberlin.

Corrections or Additions?
Sometimes the database contains errors due to incorrect records or hard-to-read stones. Also, some information, such as gender, is not accurately reflected in or known from public record. Current gender options are: Male, Female, Non-Binary/Other. Any other options or preferences submitted by the individual or family will be added to the record notes. Volunteers try to update annually to include new interments. Volunteers have also been working on gathering more demographic information, such as race, for the database. If you would like to learn more, have corrections, or want a fact added to a record, please email history@oberlinheritage.org.